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Permanent Leasing
Specialty Leasing

Situated in beautiful Temecula, California-- home of Southern California Wine Country, Promenade Temecula is an indoor/outdoor Lifestyle Shopping Center hosting a collection of the most sought-after brands today.

With 1.1 million sf of retail, restaurants and services, the center enjoys loyalty and visitation from both regional guests and out-of-town wine country visitors alike.

Offering 126,000 sf of upscale retailers and restaurants in a main-street setting, the center offers a relaxed resort-style shopping district that appeals to the affluent tastes of today’s aging baby boomer and maturing Gen Xers.

Interior retailers offer guests favorite brands including The Disney Store, Foot Locker, Ben Bridge Jewelers, Hollister, Gymboree, Francesca’s, Victoria’s Secret, PINK, Pac Sun and more.

Promenade Temecula is located off I-15 at the Winchester exit, on the corner of Winchester and Ynez Road.

Opened: 1999

Size: 1.1 million square feet

Macy's Home
Edwards Cinemas

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Permanent Leasing

Promenade Temecula Mall offers long term leasing options for restaurants, shops and entertainment uses. If you are interested in leasing long term space for a restaurant, shop or other use, please contact our leasing agent at Forest City Enterprises:

Christine Kord Leasing Director
(213) 488-0010

Specialty Leasing

If you have a product or idea and would like to test it on a short term basis, Promenade Temecula Mall could be a great place to start your new enterprise. Promenade Temecula Mall can help you get your new business venture started through our Specialty Leasing Program. Contact our Specialty Leasing Manager for more details:

Suzanne Laffin (951) 296-0979

List of Opportunities: There is an array of Specialty Leasing opportunities available within the shopping center. Here are some examples:


Kiosk - the simple definition of a kiosk is a retail unit of approximately 100-200 square feet. The distinct difference between this unit and an RMU (cart) is that you operate your business from inside of it. It is most often a stationary space located in the common area. This can be leased short term or permanent.


Retail Merchandising Units or Retail Merchandising Unit most commonly referred to as a cart. It is approximately 50 square feet of retail space. You operate your business around it. It is typically mobile and in the common area. RMUs by nature are leased for a minimum of 3 months up to 1 year maximum. This gives you an opportunity to test your product without much overhead expense.
Cahiuilla Casino


Inline space- also known as store space. The square footage of this pre-existing space can range in size depending on availability. Since inline space is something that the owner of a shopping center wants to have leased on a permanent basis, the availability can vary. Your agreement term is typically 1 year. OR, it can be something that is leased for seasonal use. This opportunity allows you the ability to gauge your potential among other national retailers without a large financial or time commitment.

Pop Up space-pop up by definition is “to appear suddenly or unexpectedly”. The Pop Up retail trend creates this same “limited time only” surprise for the customer. Retailers such as Target, JC Penney and eBay have all established creative pop up venues in recent years to introduce new products, build brand awareness, showcase style and design trends and/ or to give away exclusive goodies and treats. This is an excellent format to create a buzz about your product. Pop Up space can be common area, RMU or inline and is customarily 4-6 weeks.

Other Specialty Retail Opportunities:
Opportunities exist to promote your business by way of billboard, digital advertising and/or sponsorship. Contact the Specialty Leasing manager for more details.

Specialty Leasing FAQ

Q: Are there visual requirements?
Businesses are required to meet each shopping center’s visual standards. It is best to consult with a visual merchandiser for assistance. The Specialty Leasing Manager can provide referrals for professional visual merchandiser’s in the area.

Q: Are fixtures provided?
In most circumstances, the fixtures or props are provided by each merchant at his or her expense. These items are most often purchased through the visual merchandiser. The Specialty Leasing Manager may also be helpful in offering other fixture resources.

Q: Do I have to be open during mall hours:
Yes. This applies to most specialty retail businesses.

Q: Is it required to make an appointment with a Specialty Leasing Manager?
It is in your best interest to meet with the Specialty Leasing Manager in person to discuss all details involved with opening your business in the shopping center.

Specialty Leasing Application

To learn more about the specialty retail industry, here is a link to the premier industry magazine.


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